The park

This hotel, by its very name, is an oasis immersed in nature, full of surprises. Free your mind and begin your journey through the nature and the landscape of granite rock of Gallura. Experience around you the vital essence of every element that lives and breathes in our park.




Beginning with the olive trees and wild olive groves: the protagonists of our oasis, the most ancient ones which over the past centuries have become even bigger and stronger, and the youngest ones which, as they grow, will contribute to complete the circle of natural life of this corner of Gallura.

Listening to the wind and smelling the kaleidoscope of aromas step by step through the tree-lined paths will be your fondest memory that you will take on your return home.




The Mediterranean Scrub also makes room for flowers: lavender and roses of every colour, down to the small paradise of herbs, accompany you in your relaxation. Our aromatic herb garden, a small corner dedicated to scents and flavours. Our chefs collect all the herbs which add flavour and character to our kitchen’s dishes: rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram and so many other scents give our cooking its distinguishable special character.




As you wander around the large garden you stumble across the old holm oak tree nestled among the rocks; its trunk and roots have developed through time despite this obstacle which demonstrates its perseverance; it is surrounded by Mediterranean scrub bushes and the other trees that surround it pay tribute to its great strength.




Nature inspires you to think and relax: a small stroll is enough to find a corner to relax, where you can sink into large and comfortable cushions placed on the lawn or in our swings and hammocks. A spot to enjoy nature’s silence, stimulating positive thoughts and relaxation.




In a built yard, you and your children can play with our little hosts: baby goats, rabbits and chickens bring happiness and joy to our younger guests.

In our park you can also play the protagonist and leave your mark, helping us to populate our natural oasis: in an area dedicated to the guests’ garden, Antonio will help you plant a young olive tree. Leave your message and signature, your tree will grow with us and every time you come back you will be proud of its progress.