San Pantaleo

A small authentic village, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its streets and millennial rocks make it an enchanting village, fresh during the day and welcoming at night. Its bars are a must for aperitifs and a hot spot for nights out. Its businesses, original boutiques, artisans and its famous market, held [...]

Baja Sardinia

Baia Sardinia is one of the most enchanting and famous towns along the coast. Once named “Battistoni”, Baia Sardinia was built after the boom of the Costa Smeralda by the a group of Italian entrepreneurs. It is situated in a spacious bay of crystalline water and fine sand and can consider itself the location of [...]


Cannigione, as the name suggests, is the place of many thick reeds, rustling under the caress of the sometimes rough wind. Cannigione, located on the west shore of the Gulf of Arzachena, was once a fishing village, one of the few sprung up along this stretch of coastline. Thanks to its favorable position, even Cannigione [...]

Tempio Pausania

Surrounded by the spectacular granite peaks of Limbara on one side, and by the Aggius mounains on the other, Tempio Pausania is known as “the city of rocks”. It’s historic centre is in fact made of low granite houses and buildings, often decorated with small wrought iron balconies called “passizi” that overlook paved roads and [...]

Porto Cervo

It is the undisputed capital of the Emerald Coast, born of the intuition and brilliance of prince Karim Aga Khan. Its port is one of the biggest and best equipped of the Mediterranean, the seat of the famous Emerald Coast Yacht Club, organiser of the most important and exciting regattas. In summer it is an [...]

Poltu Quatu

When it was discovered, Poltu Quatu, despite being hidden, as the name implies, was a fjord of incomparable beauty, with rocks sinking into the emerald sea without beach, granite covered with fragrant vegetation. Its characteristics of an inlet sheltered from the sea and wind excesses made it the ideal choice as landing place for boats, [...]


The tourist boom that made it “the capital” of the Costa Smeralda is recent history. Thousands of years ago, one of the most mysterious and fascinating prehistoric civilisations flourished around this handful of granite houses: the Nuragic civilisation. There are many archeological sites in this municipal district: the Malchittu temple, the Albucciu nuraghe, the megalithic [...]


It is a small village in lower Gallura, behind the Paradise Coast, it’s always had two saints and a Madonna all of its own, and dozens of churches, each dedicated to a saint, scattered in the countryside. Perhaps it was for this that the first settlers decided to name the village, without a shadow of [...]

Archipelago of La Maddalena

The Archipelago of La Maddalena an incredible natural and faunistic heritage site: 5,000 hectares of land and 13,000 of clear water, protected by the National Park. The fishing village of La Maddalena is the main centre, and Piazza Garibaldi, with its cafes and restaurants, is the heart. Amusement is also found around the house of [...]


It is a modern and popular tourist destination that opens onto the park geomarine of La Maddalena Archipelago, to which it is connected by numerous ferry rides. The extraordinary rocks of Capo d’Orso hold some strong appeal, a massive granite formation in a shape that reminds you of a large crouching bear merely 5km from [...]